2018 Maresh Vineyard Red Barn Blocks Pinot Noir


2018 Maresh Vineyard Red Barn Blocks Pinot Noir


2018 is my last bottling of the Red Barn Blocks. I am deeply thankful for the gift of being able to produce wines from these blocks over the years. To be released later, most likely in early 2020, is the Maresh Vineyard Royal Ann Block, and I’ll write about that when the time comes. I’ll say now that I couldn’t be more happy about that block and the 2018. I worked with that block for ten years as the winemaker for Scott Paul Wines. 

The 2018 Red Barn Blocks is almost identical in appearance to the Maresh 2018, except it is slightly deeper. It, too, has the classic Maresh nose of Hood strawberries and some spice (perhaps from the 50% whole cluster). But the nose is a bit more open and has the freshness that evokes the ozone-filled air after a spring thunderstorm. The mouth is juicy and mouth-watering, This wine has splendour, and is a real beauty. Below are notes my friend and fellow winery owner/winemaker wrote about the Red Barn Blocks 2018:

“Once there was a beautiful and jolly bear named ‘Pokipsee’ and she had an eclectic home made from all the wild fruits she foraged during the summer. Rather than eat it, she made furniture and art and decorations from it and it was the most luxurious, lush, heavenly, and romantic place to be. It was comfortable and amazing and all your cares went away because it was so incredible, and Pokipsee was a wonderful host. There was no place you would rather be than allowing all your senses to be overrun by this amazing situation. Pokipsee called this place ‘The Red Barn Blocks’”.  

Appellation: Dundee Hills A.V.A.
Picking Date: 2 October 2018 (Block 1, 1970 and Block 2, 1978)
Barrels: neutral Burgundy barrels (228L) made from French forests  
Bottling Date: 21 August 2019
Alcohol: 13.5 %
Whole Cluster: 50%
Cases Produced:
215 cases

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