2017 Momtazi Vineyard "Tir" Pinot Noir


2017 Momtazi Vineyard "Tir" Pinot Noir


This Tir is my last, and it has been such a pleasure to produce wine from this very special acre of field blend clones surrounded by Oregon oak trees and a few native madrones. Only four barrels comprised this Demeter-certified biodynamic wine. The 2017 is a transparent, medium red that is significantly deeper than that of my Maresh bottlings, with hints of youthful purple and blue. I love watching how the light plays in this wine, making it look different from every angle. The Tir is transparent and yet, mysterious and impenetrable. The nose has exotic notes that hint of sandalwood and dark berries and spices. There is the tiniest bit of salinity in both the nose and mouth, along with minerals, in a way that evokes the ocean air of the Pacific not far from there. The Tir is coiling, winding, serpentine if not sea-dragon-like in its nature, and full of delicious blue fruits in the mouth, all delivered with a velvety texture.

Appellation: McMinnville A.V.A.
Picking Date: 28 September 2017
Barrels:  neutral Burgundy barrels (228L) made from French forests 
Bottling Date: 28 June 2018
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Whole Cluster: 50%
Cases Produced: 120 cases

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