2017 Maresh Vineyard Star of Bethlehem Flower Block


2017 Maresh Vineyard Star of Bethlehem Flower Block


My first Maresh Star was the 2015, and now that it’s been three years, I see a pattern emerging from this beloved acre behind Jim Maresh Sr.’s house that once was where his favourite cherry tree lived. Heartbreakingly, this tree was destroyed in the Columbus Day storm in 1962 and he ended up burning the remains. Jim has told me a couple of times over the many years that the potash from that special tree in the soil there has had a special effect on these vines that were planted later. Over the years, but not every year, there are beautiful flowers that bloom between the vines in this block: Star of Bethlehem flowers. These radiant white, star-shaped flowers belong to the lily family.

Only six barrels comprised this bottling. The 2017 is a transparent, brilliant light red with blue and fuschia lights and tones that catch the eye. This year, the Star is a little deeper than that of the Maresh, but that said, both remind me a bit of my 2007 or 2011 in several ways. The nose is noble and pure, with a moving, diaphanous layer of minerality over the refined strawberry character always present in my Maresh bottlings when young. This wine, my most subtle and refined 2017 Pinot, is a sleek and strong beauty. This one is like a person who sits quietly in one place and to whom others are magnetically attracted and approach on their own, perhaps not even knowing why or that they did in the first place. It is a wine of silence and will likely be spellbinding as it matures.

Appellation: Dundee Hills A.V.A.
Picking Date: 1 October 2017
Barrels:  neutral Burgundy barrels (228L) made from French forests  
Bottling Date: 28 June 2018 
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Whole Cluster: 50% 
Cases Produced: 120 cases

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