2016 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir


2016 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir


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Slightly deeper in colour than the “Tir” in 2016, the Momtazi is a true crimson red, transparent and as brilliant as a fine ruby with no inclusions. “Crimson” in Middle Persian is “kirmist”, the latter being one of the origins of the name of this colour. As in 2015, this bottling is 100% whole cluster, and is produced from the vines at the very top of Momtazi Vineyard with the exposition being both volcano-facing (east to the Cascades) and ocean-facing (over the top and down to face west towards the Pacific Ocean). The nose is deep red-fruited, exotic, and perfumed with some spice and subtle hints of round-scented, dewy roses. There is the classic touch of herbs and the savory that to me, is Momtazi, along with the classic minerality of this wild, beautiful, and powerful place resting on basalt from volcanoes. It is more tightly knit and restrained than the Tir at the time of this writing (which is far too early: late January 2018). The mouth is rich with red fruit and not at all heavy, but soaring and with tension, like the flight of a night dragon (well, how one might imagine that). Maybe with gimlet eyes of crimson that glow and watch. I call my Momtazi Vineyard bottlings my “night dragons”. It is fresh and has cool energy, as warming as it is. Even the cold fire is a fire, and I would drink this in either cold or hot weather (at cellar temperature, not room temperature) for different reasons. This wine, as collected and coiled as it is, is not tame, and I love it every year for that.

Appellation: McMinnville A.V.A.
Picking Dates: 19 and 20 September 2016
Élevage: no new wood-all Burgundy barrels (228L)
Bottling Date: 20 June 2017
Alcohol: 13.0 %
Cases Produced: 453

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