2016 Mirabai Pinot Noir

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2016 Mirabai Pinot Noir


Slightly lighter in colour than the Maresh 2016, this wine is exuberant, young red with blue and deep-pink lights when the the wine moves in the glass. I am writing this in November 2017. The wine, though very young, is already just lovely, and it wants to be seen and enjoyed (I mention this because my wines, when young, tend to be a bit cagey and pull attitude or make you work and wait a bit more than this wine is doing right now. But who knows? My Maresh wines are always a bit mercurial). The nose feels joyful and has the full force of the life and the beauty I associate with some kind of Platonic Idea of late spring: flowers everywhere, birds singing, ripening Hood strawberries, butterflies, and still carrying this refreshing coolness behind the warmth before the summer. Like all of my 2016’s, the Mirabai is 100% whole cluster: it is showing not just simple fruit, but all of the light and shadow, giving a full relief representation of this beloved farm. Speaking of full represention, all of my blocks of Maresh are in this bottling.

Sadly, the yields in two of my blocks were extremely low, and lower overall there in 2016. I was in tears when this become apparent at bloom. I grieved for quite some time. There will be a very limited number of cases available to offer to my people directly, and it must be strictly allocated to my longtime markets and unavailable this year in several markets. The Mirabai production had to bear this hit in order to maintain my other Maresh bottlings closer to their average case productions. But the good news is that the 2017 will be on the more abundant side, and I hope to release it early next year-maybe in September.

Appellation: Willamette Valley A.V.A.
Picking Dates:  12 September and 15 September (all of my blocks of Maresh Vineyard)
Élevage: no new wood-all Burgundy barrels (228L)
Bottling Date: 20 June 2017
Alcohol: 13.0 %
Cases Produced: 157

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