2016 Maresh Vineyard Red Barn Blocks


2016 Maresh Vineyard Red Barn Blocks


Almost identical in the beautiful hues and colour to the Maresh Vineyard Star of Bethlehem Flower Block 2016, the Red Barn is bluish-red, light-to-medium, and full of multifaceted light in the glass. Only three precious barrels were made this year, and it is once again 100% whole cluster from self-rooted Wadensvil vines planted in 1970 and farmed by Jim Maresh Senior. The nose has a deep, fresh purity to it, and is full of Hood strawberries in June with hints of spices like sandalwood. It is a bit more generous and open as of this writing (late January 2018) than the Star, and on the first taste, I had a vision of an exquisitely beautiful owl flying silently close to the ground, effortlessly following its contours at a constant distance. Over the many years, I have heard two owls in the dark hours on the Maresh farm: one was a barn owl, and the other was a Great Horned owl. This wine moves like that. It flows, but not as a heavy medium like water, but as the air. Once the Red Barn opened in the glass, the classic Hood strawberries emerged more fully, but with far more complexity, along with spices and other exotic flavours. I love the movement of this wine. It has a weightless opulence; it is very long; and is impossible to capture.

Appellation: Dundee Hills A.V.A.
Picking Date:  15 September 2016
√Člevage: no new wood-all Burgundy barrels (228L)
Bottling Date: 20 June 2017
Alcohol: 13.0 %
Cases Produced: 64

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