2015 Maresh Vineyard Star of Bethlehem Flower Block Magnum


2015 Maresh Vineyard Star of Bethlehem Flower Block Magnum


For Wine Club Members only, this inaugural wine is a selection of 8 barrels from a very special block of self-rooted Pommard planted in 1991. Over the years, I have noticed in these vine rows a beautiful, shining white flower called the “Star of Bethlehem”. There is a Bach Flower remedy prepared using these heart-healing flowers, and I have never seen these anywhere else. Jim Maresh Senior farms these vines personally, and I have always loved this little block. This Pinot is transparent, medium red in colour, and full of light. The nose is pure and soaring and has the freshness of both the cool Pacific Ocean air with a slight whiff of salinity and the smell of melted snow. While this is certainly a structured wine with plenty of acidity, it feels weightless and distant. It has the classic Maresh Hood strawberry in the mouth but it is perhaps more ethereal than my other Maresh bottlings. There is something elusive and ingraspable about this wine, like the archetype of the High Priestess. I am writing these notes on 1 March, 2017, and would suggest waiting at least six months before opening. The finish is long.

Appellation: Dundee Hills A.V.A.
Picking Date: 21 September
Barrels: no new wood-all neutral Burgundy barrels (228L)
Bottling Date: 29 June 2016
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Cases Produced: 166

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