2015 Maresh Vineyard Pinot Noir Magnum


2015 Maresh Vineyard Pinot Noir Magnum


The Maresh 2015 is a selection of 6 barrels of my Long Rows (planted in 1970) and 2 barrels of my Old Block (planted in 1970). I do much of the farming of the canopy in these blocks personally each year (along with Block 8, which is entirely in the Mirabai). All of my wines in 2015 were 100% whole cluster. The colour is more blue-hued and a slightly deeper light red than the Mirabai. It is multifaceted and transparent like a well-cut gem. The nose has a different kind of minerality than the Mirabai, and has that lovely Maresh fruit with a faint hint of healing herbs and a certain wide-ranging purity. It is very different from the Mirabai. If the Mirabai has high energy and hummingbird wings, this wine has a sweeping, soaring energy and the feeling of silent, vast movement like in a dream of flight. While the Maresh is utterly clear in its transmission, it also has impenetrable depth. The texture is the classic silk of the Red Hills of Dundee and more specifically, of Maresh, and one can feel the airy, silky drape almost in folds.

Appellation: Dundee Hills A.V.A.
Picking Dates: Old Block, 21 September;  Long Rows, 30 September
Barrels: no new wood-all neutral Burgundy barrels (228L)
Bottling Date: 29 June 2016
Alcohol: 13.0 %
Cases Produced: 192

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