2014 Maresh Vineyard Red Barn Blocks Pinot Noir Magnum

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2014 Maresh Vineyard Red Barn Blocks Pinot Noir Magnum


2014 is the first year for this very special and very tiny bottling of barrels from blocks surrounding the legendary Maresh Red Barn and farmed by Jim Maresh Sr. personally. The fruit he farms is beautifully distinct, and this wine needed to be bottled separately. He turned 90 last April and I love him.  One of these blocks is Block 2, 1978 self-rooted Pommard. In this bottling, the other block is the one next to his house, also 1978 self-rooted Pommard. This is the first 100% old vine Pommard Maresh bottling from my little winery to date.

This wine was 100% whole cluster fermented (the rest of my 2014’s were on average 80% whole cluster). The colour is darker than the Maresh above, and the nose offers minerals and smells slightly of a seabreeze. The fruit is deeper and inviting. This Maresh has good heft, like the feel of excellent vintage silverware in one’s hand. It is bracing, has beautiful foundation, has strength, is grounded, and is-well-manly. But it is Maresh after all, and the songbirds and raptors and towering old trees lend the wine verticality and does not at all pull one down, but is ascending more like a volcano (which Maresh faces on the east) than wings.

Appellation: Dundee Hills A.V.A.
Picking Date: 23 September 2014
Barrels: no new wood- all neutral barrels
Bottling Date: 22 June 2015
Alcohol: 13.6%
Cases Produced: 96
Released: summer 2016 (mailing list first)

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